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RealSender lets you easily submit HTML forms contents via email messages.

In this way you can receive the results of your feedback forms directly in your mailbox. There's no need of any special configuration on your side. The forms can be published in any html webpage or added directly within your email messages.

Script address:
<form action="" method="post" accept-charset="utf-8">

Required/mandatory parameters (hidden fields):


the email address or the "alias" to which the form submission will be sent
for security reasons, the "real" address should be configured at sever level

this is a list of fields that the user must fill in before they submit the form
we suggest to check the "email" field only (content and syntax are verified)
additional checks are usually done via javascript, we can provide examples


the user will be redirected to this URL after a successful form submission

the user will be redirected here if any of the 'required' fields are left blank

Required/mandatory parameters (non-hidden fields):


it will become the sender's email address of the message

if the email address
is correct

the data will be sent to the configured recipient
the user will be redirected to the "redirect" URL

if the email is missing
or syntatically wrong

no mail will be sent
the user will be redirected to the "missing_fields_redirect" URL

HTML Form Details