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There are two standards to check the sender's identity: SPF and DKIM. RealSender provides both of them.

  • SPF declares which are the authorized smtp servers for a certain domain
  • DKIM digitally signs each message sent from a certain domain and its related smtp server
    All the informations used to check the messages, are saved and locked within the domain DNS settings

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RealSender also provides:

  • smtp servers with dedicated ip
    each customer receives a dedicated IP address the IP address is monitored daily over 60+ blacklists

  • secure smtp autentication
    the server accepts only messages sent with SMTP authenticated over secure connection using TLS or SSL (the communications are encrypted using a dedicated digital certificate)

  • sender’s address check
    the server accepts only the sending of messages from senders that have been configured and authorized
  • full email authentication
    all messages sent through the server are authenticated using the standard protocols: SPF + Sender ID, DKIM + Domain Keys

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